Moly-Cop recognises that achieving positive sustainable relationships with the communities in which we operate is imperative to doing business

Moly-Cop makes a positive contribution to the quality of life of the communities, regions and countries where it operates.  We promote values and initiatives, such as investment and engagement, that show respect for the people and communities associated with our business.

Our employees pride themselves on physically and or financially supporting regional and local activities through providing education, training, donations and sponsorships through to charity fundraising events, all of which require personal commitment and the dedication of individuals.

Moly-Cop helps the flood victims of Tierra Amarilla

The worst floods in over 80 years struck northern Chile in March, 2015, impacting over 30,000 people and leaving 2,700 survivors homeless in the regions of Antofagasta, Atacama and Coquimbo.

Unusually heavy thunderstorms brought torrential rainfall to northern Chile's Atacama desert, flooding one of the driest regions in the world. Flash floods swept down valleys, cutting off villages, destroying structures, and carrying vehicles for miles. Chile's President, Michelle Bachelet says it will cost at least $1.5 billion to repair the damages caused by the flooding and mudslides that, as of April 15, 2015, left a toll of over two dozen people dead and over 100 people missing.

Moly-Cop Chile empathized with the towns that suffered from the floods given some of our employees have either family members or friends that were directly affected. Given the extensive damage in the region, the organization wanted to help the communities in the area of ​​Tierra Amarilla, Copiapo, Atacama, where Moly-Cop Chile has has a logistics facility located.

On Thursday, April 9 in close coordination with the local municipality, neighbourhood associations and Mayor of Tierra Amarilla, Mr. Osvaldo Delgado, a delegation of Moly-Cop Chile employees delivered 5,000 bottles filtered water to the victims in the region.

"Moly-Cop has always maintained a constant concern for communities in which we operate. This is a sensitive and difficult time for northern localities and we were compelled to provide our support and help as fast as we could", said Hector Toro, Commercial Manager Moly-Cop Chile.

Mining undergraduate student scholarship sponsored by Moly-Cop Chile

In May, 2015, the "Moly-Cop - Dr. Jaime Sepulveda" scholarship award was awarded to undergraduate student Mario Carrasco Brevis. Mario is a student at the Universidad de Catolica in Santiago, Chile who has been recognised for his commitment to his studies and training as well as his high level of participation in the department.

Moly-Cop Chile sponsor a scholarship at the University’s, School of Mining Engineering that covers the first year’s tuition of an undergraduate student who is pursuing a degree in Mining Engineering. The scholarship is awarded to a student that stands out for their personal effort, commitment and dedication to their studies.

The Scholarship is named in honour of Dr Jaime Sepulveda, who worked with distinction for Moly-Cop for over 25 years and is widely recognised as a pre-eminent expert in mineral processing. In the words of Moly-Cop Chile General Manager, Mr. Gustavo Alcazar: "This scholarship is a way to acknowledge the enormous contribution made by Jaime Sepulveda as well as support talented young students trained at this school.” “Moly-Cop is proud to be involved in this programme and supporting the training of young engineers that will hopefully contribute to both the industry and nation’s development.”

On June 30 2017, in the Department of Mining Engineering, the award ceremony was held to announce the recipient of this years scholarship.  Senior student, Daniel Schwarzenberg, was named as this years recipient in recognition of his outstanding personal effort, commitment and academic dedication.

The event was attended by Moly-Cop representatives Gustavo Alcázar, Country Manager Chile, Hector Toro, Commercial Manager and Jaime Sepúlveda, past president of Moly-Cop.  Also present were academics and officials of the School of Engineering Rodrigo Pascual, director of the Department of Mining Engineering amd Álvaro Videla, academic of Metallurgical Processes.

Entrepreneurial Programme for Employee Partners

In recent years Moly-Cop Peru has focused its community program on providing specific training programs for the wives and partners of its employees. The first program, of around 100 hours of direct training, involved developing entrepreneurial skills such as the generation of business ideas and financial management. It is intended to assist the wives and partners in establishing small commercial enterprises.

Since then the participants have made good use of the program by establishing businesses such as small-scale retail and transport for local children. The second program, also around 100 hours, was designed to develop life skills such as self-confidence and communication and is known to have been of benefit to the families of employees.

Santa Maria Centre Peru

Moly-Cop Peru supports the San Alfonso Maria Ligorio Church which operates a centre to support 530 children between the ages of three and 12.  The centre provides meals in local dining rooms and assistance with
educational needs and family matters. In particular Moly-Cop contributed towards the renovation of one of these dining rooms at the Santa Maria dining centre.  Each year Moly-Cop also assists in the organisation and running of

Community Support

In our North American Moly-Cop business, we are a financial supporter of the Whatsoever Community Centre and Sheffield Place in Kansas City in the United States, and have representation on the Board of Directors for each group.  The Whatsoever Community Centre, which is based in a very economically challenged part of Kansas City, provides day care for children and food for needy families, as well as other services.  Sheffield Place is the only treatment and transitional living centre in Kansas City that focuses exclusively on homeless families.  In Mexico, MolyCop financially supports a Nursing Home in El Salto.

Moly-Cop Chile Supports the Mejillones Community

In 2004, Moly-Cop started up its new industrial plant at Mejillones in Northern Chile.  Mejillones was once a small fishing town, but given its location in the middle of what is today the world’s largest mining cluster it has rapidly developed into an industrial centre servicing the mining industry.

In 2007 a number of the newly-arrived companies created the Mejillones Industrial Association (AIM).  The purpose of AIM is to work with the existing inhabitants of Mejillones to responsibly manage potential impacts from the rapid industrial expansion, and to ensure that value is returned to the community.

Breast cancer is a leading cause of death in women in Chile and so Moly-Cop and three other AIM members partnered with the Foundation Arturo Lopez Perez (FALP) in a project to improve the early detection of breast cancer.  FALP is a non-profit organisation devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. his was achieved by bringing a mobile breast cancer screening clinic to Mejillones and making available 400 free breast cancer screening examinations for local women.

Helping Those in Need

Whether it is through a Food Drive, Clothing Drive, Food Truck Fundraiser, Cookie Fundraiser, Bake sale or Barbeque, annually the AltaSteel community makes it a priority to fundraise for various charities in and around Edmonton.

Some charities that we have been fortunate enough to have worked with include Edmonton Humane Society, the Children’s Stollery Fund, United Way, YESS, Santa’s Anonymous and the Food Bank of Edmonton.