Moly-Cop strives for continual improvement in environmental performance

Environmental Initiatives

Moly-Cop is committed to pursuing a high standard of environmental management throughout its operations.  We strive for continual improvement in environmental performance, the efficient use of resources, and the minimisation or prevention of pollution.

Waratah Furnace Insulation Upgrade

The Rotary Hearth Furnace at the Waratah Steel Mill heats steel “cheeses” which are then formed into rail wheels in subsequent forging and rolling operations.  Thermal imagery taken of the furnace revealed that a large amount of heat was being lost through the furnace roof due to poor insulation properties.  The furnace was first installed in 1964 and the original insulation thickness was still in current operation.  An extra thermal layer was installed to the roof to minimise heat losses, and this has resulted in a reduction of 3,500 GJ of natural gas consumption per year.


Moly-Cop's, John Barbagallo, speaks at the 2015 International Sustainability Symposium

Moly-Cop's John Barbagallo provides the keynote address at the 2015 International Sustainability Symposium 'Green Manufacturing and University/Industry Collaboration’ organised by the SMaRT Centre at UNSW Australia, in association with the Institute for Sustainable Futures at UTS and the World Resources Forum.

Speakers from Sweden, Japan, South Korea, India and Australia discussed green manufacturing, research, industry successes  and future pathways to sustainability within the broader context of green materials and industrial processes, and the importance of collaboration between universities, industry, government and community.

Moly-Cop Environmental Compliance Information

Moly-Cop is subject to and assesses compliance with the environmental regulatory regimes in each country in which it operates.  Environmental Management Systems  (EMS) assist in maintaining environmental compliance and managing environmental risk across the business.

The following Moly-cop facilities have EMS that are externally certified to EMS standard ISO 14001



South America

  • Moly-Cop Mejillones, Chile
  • Moly-Cop Talcahuano, Chile

North America

  • AltaSteel Edmonton, Canada
  • Moly-Cop Kamloops, Canada

Arequipa Tree Book

Moly-Cop participated in an urban forestry project together with the non-profit association Patrulla Ecológica in Arequipa.  The project consisted of the production of a guide book on tree planting in the Arequipa City area, with an emphasis on species that assist in mitigating pollution.

“Trees and Shrubs of Arequipa” is the name of the book produced with the assistance of Moly-Cop to promote tree-planting in the Arequipa area.

The project also included a tree planting campaign



Recycling Waste Timber at AltaSteel

At AltaSteel, collection areas for wood waste have been established on-site and a wood pallet return program has been established with the site’s primary supplier of steelmaking fluxes and reagents.  In 2013 a total of 2,600 wood pallets, or approximately 59 tonnes, were returned to suppliers for re-use.  Previously wood waste bins could have small amounts of other materials such as plastics which could cause the entire bin to be classified as “commercial solid waste”.   These are now sent to the Edmonton Waste Management Centre where the waste can be properly sorted.  In 2013 this centre recycled over 276 tonnes of waste wood from AltaSteel.

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