Moly-Cop has two core values that underpin everything we do



“We will not compromise on safety” is one of only two core values of the organisation and, as a result, a focus on the health and safety of employees, contractors, customers and visitors underpins each of Moly-Cop's activities.  At Moly-Cop, workplace health and safety is everyone’s responsibility.


The Customer

Is at the heart of everything we do.

We will always meet our promise to the customer

Goal Zero

Our goal is to establish a workplace free from injuries, incidents and illness.  Moly-Cop strives to foster the well being of its employees and provide them with a safe and healthy working environment.

Moly-Cop continues to work to achieve "Goal Zero", a workplace free from injuries and illness, and is focused on the delivery of risk reduction programs for each business.

All Moly-Cop businesses have safety systems and processes that encompass the applicable country regulatory requirements.  The role of management is to provide direction, set the safety standards and drive improvement within the business to encourage all employees, contractors and visitors in working towards the goal of ZERO incidents, injuries and occupational illnesses.

Moly-Cop conducts annual Safety Excellence Awards which are an opportunity to recognise and reward those employees, contractors and suppliers who made an outstanding contribution towards our goal of injury prevention and the reduction of significant incidents.  These awards also provide a platform to encourage the sharing of best practice across the organisation.

Goal Zero Security
There are six Safety Principles which outline the philosophy guiding Moly-Cop's approach:
  •   Working safely is a condition of employment
  •   Employee involvement is essential
  •   Management is accountable for safety
  •   All operating exposures can be safeguarded
  •   Training employees to work safely is essential
  •   All injuries can be prevented

Group Safety Performance

- Living the Values -

decline since Q4 2011

All Injury Frequency Rate (AIFR)

decline since Q4 2011

Medical Treatment Injury Frequency Rate (MTIFR)

decline since Q4 2011

Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR)

The Customer

We will meet our promise to the customer

As one of Moly-Cop’s two Core Values, we are committed to meeting our promise to customers and are dedicated to servicing their requirements today and in the future. 

No matter where your company is located, Moly-Cop's global team of technical support personnel are ready to respond.  

Our teams are always in high alert so your potential problems can be solved with military precision. Our employees are constantly trained so they are up to date with current market trends and technology.


Winner of the 2014 Customer Award, Luke Walker (Associate Metallurgical Engineer) from Moly-Cop USA, receiving his award from Moly-Cop North America President, Martin Meulendyke

Moly-Cop Forges a Strong Relationship with PT Freeport Indonesia

PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) operates the third-largest copper and gold mine in the world.  The mine is located in a very remote part of Indonesia, which makes supply security an ongoing challenge.  For over 20 years Moly-Cop has assisted PTFI in meeting this challenge through the supply of grinding media and Moly-Cop and PTFI now share a greatly valued relationship.

In early 2014 Moly-Cop commissioned a new production facility at a separate site close to the existing facility at Cilegon, Indonesia.  The new facility is affectionately called “Adik”, which means “younger sibling” in Indonesian.  PTFI has been included as part of the construction and organisational change process throughout the construction of Adik.  The Moly-Cop plants in Indonesia now meet 75% of the demand for grinding media by PTFI.  The balance of demand is met through product from Moly-Cop in Australia.

The method and control of shipping across the Indonesian archipelago is a significant focus of the Moly-Cop/PTFI relationship.  In the past all shipping containers were shipped via the port of Jakarta, which is congested at the best of times.  In January 2014 Moly-Cop started shipping directly from the port close to the production plants.  This was only possible with PTFI’s support and approval and has reduced logistics issues significantly and reduced cost, waste and energy.  This change has also improved the transparency of stock levels which assists in maintaining necessary stock-on-hand levels.  The annual saving to PTFI and Moly-Cop is in excess of one million dollars.

According to Mr Arief Latif, Senior Manager for Purchasing, Shipping and Export Import at PTFI: “Moly-Cop has been and continues to be one of PTFI’s most important strategic partners, not only because it has consistently delivered quality products, but also because it has shown great ability to work with PTFI in both good as well as challenging times.”

Moly-Cop also supports PTFI onsite managers and users through the roll-out of the “Moly-Cop Tools”. These tools include specifically designed software to allow the teams at PTFI to understand mill specific needs and to select the right grinding media product for each situation.


First shipment of grinding media for PT Freeport Indonesia direct from Cilegon in January 2014