Product Quality

After 80 years of continuous product development, Moly-Cop’s grinding media quality is widely recognized as the industry leading standard.

For customers, high product quality means grinding media with high breakage resistance and low consumption rates.

The various Moly-Cop business units have implemented comprehensive integrated management system with certified standards for the management of quality (ISO 9001), the environment (ISO 14001) and workplace safety and health (OHSAS 18001).  Accreditation to these three levels of governance assures that we can provide consistent, high quality products that are manufactured in a safe, environmentally responsible and economically sustainable manner.


Moly-Cop manufactures both standard and heat treated grinding rods across it's facilities.  Moly-Cop’s specially heat treated rod manufactured in Canada is used by approximately 95% of Rod Mills in North America.  The material is engineered to be very hard, while still maintaining its toughness.

The result is a rod that wears 20% - 25% longer than a non heat treated rod, without sacrificing any toughness.  We produce the heat treated rod range (HTR50) rods in 3.0" to 4.0" diameters.

Product Testing

Moly-Cop grinding media is statistically sampled from production runs and routinely tested in Moly-Cop's own Metallurgical Laboratories.

These laboratories are equipped with modern specialised equipment,  specifically selected for testing high modern, hardness grinding media.  Many of our facilities are equipped with manual and fully automatic Vickers, Brinell and Rockwell hardness testing machines; fracture-grainsize press; metallographic sample preparation equipment and modern stereoscopic and inverted metallurgical microscopes.


Moly-Cop has access to both in-house and external Scanning Electron Microscope capabilities, fully equipped and modern Chemical and Heat Treatment Laboratories.  The majority of our facilities have their own in-housed drop-ball Test facilities, which are crucial in the identification and maintenance of consistent quality standards .

These laboratories are also at our disposal for research and development activities, under pinning our continuous improvement program.  Our technical team are either professional Metallurgists, Chemists or highly experienced and trained Metallurgical Technicians.

Product Development

Moly-Cop has a proven track record of product and service innovation in the grinding media industry.  Moly-Cop developed the first heat treated grinding ball back in the 1930's and released it's latest SAG Ball product to market in 2016, the "Moly-Cop NG".  We were also the pioneers in mineral processing simulation tools and training, with the first version of our Moly-Cop Tools software being released in the late 1990's.


Moly-Cop has a very active technology and best practice exchange group (the ‘+MAS Group’) which has been meeting regularly for more than 10 years, aiming to continually improve our process designs, operating practices and finally, product quality.  The group has representatives from across our international business and has a played a key role in the development of our latest new generation SAG ball, the "Moly-Cop NG".