Global Network

Moly-Cop is the largest global producer of forged grinding media with facilities located in Chile, Peru, Mexico, USA, Canada, Indonesia and Australia; leveraged to the mining commodities of copper, gold and iron ore.  Moly-Cop has an installed capacity of ~1.7 million tonnes per year, which represents a significant proportion of the global forged grinding media manufacturing capacity.

The Moly-Cop facilities manufacture balls from specialty steels whose availability - in terms of both quality and quantity - is essential for business continuity.  In this context, Moly-Cop has been developing long-term, cooperative relationships with both local and foreign steel suppliers, including two fully owned steel mills in Canada (AltaSteel) and Australia (Waratah).

Moly-Cop World Map - All v6

Multiple Supply Options

Certainty of supply is critical for the continuity of our customer's grinding mill operations.  Moly-Cop’s international network of manufacturing facilities, strategically located close to the main sources of grinding media demand is a unique differentiating factor against all other remote competitors.  By being close to customers, Moly-Cop provides valuable assurance of high-quality grinding media with on-time, flexible supplies and personalized technical support.  With ten global manufacturing locations, we have the flexibility within our network to respond to both regional fluctuations in demand and issues in global supply dynamics as we are not dependent on one facility for our total production needs.

Just being close to customers would not be enough, if our in-region presence was not complemented with our strategic relationships with integrated, long term suppliers of top quality steel bars, the main raw material in the manufacture of forged balls.  The security of bar supply is essential to provide security of ball supply.

The strength of the Moly-Cop global network was clearly demonstrated following the February 2010 earthquake in southern Chile.  In spite of the fact that all of Moly-Cop Talcahuano’s three existing grinding ball production lines were back in operation within four months of the quake, unfortunately due to severe damage to our major steel suppliers operation, we could not obtain local supply for our primary grinding media feedstock.

Without the raw material required to manufacture grinding media, Moly-Cop utilized the production capacity of its related facilities in Canada, Mexico and Peru.  All Moly-Cop Chile customer orders were delivered during the period while our plant and that of our primary steel supplier were being repaired.  The Moly-Cop Talcahuano facility has since been reconstructed to an even superior standard than before the earthquake.

Of equivalent significance, our collaborative, stable relations with our employees and work force provide additional warranties of operational continuity.


Damage caused to Moly-Cop's grinding media facility in Talcahuano from the February 2010 earthquake