Moly-Cop has a range of technical services designed for both start-up and existing mine operations


Mine Start-up Services

Moly-Cop has a range of services tailored to the needs of new mine projects.  We understand the complexities of mine start-ups, from commissioning critical mining equipment and circuits to estimating key operating parameters for estimation and budgeting purposes.  

From ore sampling to estimating grinding media demand and optimised sizing, our experienced technical services team are here to provide their expertise.


Mill Optimisation Services

Moly-Cop has a range of services that are focused on increasing customer productivity and reducing cost for the key mineral processing assets of our customer's existing mines.

In a competitive market, increasing productivity and lowering operating costs are critical for our customers. Our experienced technical service team can provide a range of services and training to assist you to optimise your mineral processing operations.


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  • Ore sampling and ore abrasion index analysis
  • Determining optimal grinding media sizing and type
  • Grinding media consumption estimation
  • Evaluation of mill liner design and mill charge motion
  • Operator training - Moly-Cop Tools software and modules
  • Grinding media and reagent transport storage and handling
  • Evaluation of operational parameters using DEM simulations


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  • Grinding circuit flow analysis and optimisation
  • Grinding media sizing
  • Flotation simulation and optimisation
  • Ore sampling and ore abrasion analysis
  • Grinding media performance assessment (Marked Ball Wear Testing)
  • Modified SPI determination
  • Moly-Cop Tools training for operators
  • Mill Circuit Debottlenecking using DEM simulations

Please confirm the availability of these services with your local Moly-Cop site as our service offering may vary between geographical areas due to local adaptions.