Moly-Cop is the largest and most experienced manufacturer and supplier of grinding media to mining operations worldwide, with installed manufacturing capacity in excess of 1.3 million tonnes per year and global annual sales approaching 1.0 million tonnes; approximately four times larger than our next competitor.

Since the start-up of operations back in the late 1920’s, thanks to our continuously evolving manufacturing technologies, Moly-Cop product quality and service levels have been the widely accepted bench mark for the mining industry.

Moly-Cop’s worldwide network of state-of-the-art ball production facilities provides the product quality, supply assurance and technical support that grinding operators now demand.  Moly-Cop manufactures and supplies the widest range of grinding ball product sizes from 1.0” to 6.5” balls.  Moly-Cop also manufactures a leading range of high quality grinding rods.


Moly-Cop will continue to invest in new capacity ahead of the anticipated market and we are uniquely positioned and prepared to engage in long-term supply and cooperation agreements with global mining corporations.

On January 4, 2017, Arrium concluded the sale process with American Industrial Partner for the sale of all the entities that make up the Moly-Cop business.