Moly-Cop is the largest and most experienced manufacturer and supplier of grinding media to mining operations worldwide, with installed manufacturing capacity in excess of 1.7 million tonnes per year and global annual sales over 1.0 million tonnes.

Moly-Cop manufactures a wide range of grinding balls and rods from it's worldwide network of state-of-the-art production facilities provides the product quality, supply assurance and technical support that grinding operators now demand.

Moly-Cop manufactures and supplies the widest range of grinding ball product sizes from 1.0” to 6.5” balls.  Moly-Cop also manufactures a leading range of high quality grinding rods.


Moly-Cop manufacturers and distributes a wide range of flotation chemicals for the mineral processing industry in South America.  We offer our clients collectors for sulphide ore flotation, which are based on the thio chemical families: Xanthates, Thionocarbamates and Dithiophosphates.  Moly-Cop also represents several major chemical companies in the mining chemicals area, including the Dow Chemical Company.

Moly-Cop also works with formulated foaming agents and defoamers of various origins.  Our frothers include both alcohol and glycol-based products all of which are formulated for optimum effectiveness in various types of flotation systems within the mineral processing industry.


From its location in Waratah Australia, Moly-Cop manufactures the Comsteel product range of rail consumables products that includes forged and rolled railway wheels, forged railway axles and fully assembled wheelsets to International Standards for all classes of rolling stock.

Comsteel is at the forefront in developing products for higher axle loading.  New materials and designs for specific applications such as high hardness and wear resistant wheels have been developed by Comsteel.  These wheels deliver improved performance in heavy haul applications.

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