Over the last 20 years, Moly-Cop Tools© 3.0 has gained industry wide acceptance around the mineral processing community in recognition to:

  • The quality of the incorporated mathematical models.
  • Their open-access, user-friendly, unprotected EXCEL based applications, compatible with all MS Office functionalities (PowerPoint, Word, Outlook).
  • Editable, no hidden formulae or calculation algorithms.
  • Powerful model calibration (tuning) tools.
  • Available free-of-charge with no restrictions to make as many copies as needed, for sharing with other interested parties.

What is Moly-Cop Tools?

Moly-Cop Tools© 3.0 is a set of 63 easy-to-use EXCEL spreadsheets designed to help process engineers characterize and evaluate the operating efficiency of any given grinding circuit, following standardized methodologies and widely accepted evaluation criteria. Moly-Cop Tools incorporates a full set of digital simulators for conventional and semiautogenous grinding applications with the corresponding mass balance and parameter estimation routines; plus complementary spreadsheets regarding Bond’s Law calculations, grinding media ‘algebra’ and other useful utility functions.


What types of Milling Assets are Covered?

Conventional Ball mills
Semiautogenous mills (SAG)
High Pressure Grinding Rolls (HPGR’s)
Rod mills
Vertical mills


How Can it Help Me?

This software package provides a suite of spreadsheet based programmes established to support the Plant Metallurgist in their role to optimise their milling operation

  • Analyse the optimal sized grinding media based on the grinding task and mill circuit
  • Flowsheet development and mass balancing models
  • Ball mill and cyclone simulations
  • SAG mill flowsheet optimisation
  • Grinding media wear estimators


How Does it Work?
Define if it is a Design or optimization mode statement to be resolved
As simple as possible, depending on the intended application.
All design requirements and/or empirical observations, whenever required.
The model (and the software) selected must render itself to easy calibration to the observed reality.
Systematic evaluation of the model equations searching for optimal design and operating conditions.
Possible recommended actions to implement or reconfirm the findings of the simulations.
Moly-Cop Tools Courses

Moly-Cop provides three Moly-Cop Tools training options (click here to view).

  1. Moly-Cop Tools Introductory Course:
    This is a introductory course for users with no or basic understanding of the software. The course is open to the general public and is offered in different locations globally. Please click here for more information on course availability and locations
  2. Moly-Cop Tools Advanced User Course:
    This course is for users that have completed the Introductory Course and are seeking more advanced levels of understanding of the software and its application.
  3. Tailored Courses:
    We can also provide tailored in-house training courses for customers that would like to tailor the course content and simulation exercises to meet their specific needs and abilities of their users. These courses can be arranged by contacting your Moly-Cop Commercial representative
Moly-Cop Tools Training