Moly-Cop's flotation collectors are engineered to operate across a vast range of alkalinity levels, providing faster flotation kinetics

Moly-Cop manufacturers and distributes a wide range of flotation chemicals for the mineral processing industry in South America.  We offer our clients collectors for sulphide ore flotation, which are based on the thio chemical families: Xanthates, Thionocarbamates and Dithiophosphates.

Moly-Cop also represents several major chemical companies in the mining chemicals area, including the Dow Chemical Company.

Product Range

Sodium Isopropyl Xanthate (MC-CIPXS)

It is one of the most commonly used products in the flotation of sulfide minerals such as copper, molybdenum and zinc.  Presents good behavior between recovery/selectivity and cost.

Sodium Isopropyl Ethyl Thionocarbamate (MC-CIET)

Is an extremely selective and highly active collector for many sulphide minerals, in particular for copper minerals and sphalerite.  It is not a substitute for cheaper sulphydril collectors such as xanthates and aliphatic dithiophosphates, but is preferably used in combination with them.  It is also recommended for application directly in the milling stage.

Sodium Isobutyl Xanthate (MC-CIBXS)

This product has historically been considered a good choice for the flotation of sulphide ores such as copper, lead, nickel and zinc.

Dithiophosphate and Mercaptobenzothiazol Blend (MC404)

Is a mixture of dithiophosphate and mercaptobenzothiazol widely used in tarnished and secondary copper ore flotation, also used in tarnished lead and zinc ore flotation in alkaline circuits.  An excellent collector for pyrite and auriferous pyrite in acid and neutral circuits.

Dithiophosphate Aqueos (MC-C3477)

Dithiophosphate aqueous is a strong collector but also with selective properties for copper, nickel and activated zinc minerals.  It improves recoveries of precious metals, particularly those of the platinum group of metals.

Dithiophosphate Aqueos (MC-208)

Another dithiophosphate aqueous collector that has excellent selective properties for copper ore flotation.  It’s an excellent collector for gold, silver and copper.

Collector Blend (MC-347E)

This collector is partially water soluble and widely used in copper sulphide ore flotation, particularly when a secondary mineralization of molybdenum or silver exists.  It is very selective against pyrite and it is also used in zinc sulphide ore flotation.

Ester Amyl Xanthate (MC-C33)

Aqueous solution without foaming properties.  It is widely applied in dose during the conditioning steps in the grinding circuit.  It is often used in copper/molybdenum applications

Dlalkyl Xantoformlato (MC-CXF)

Insoluble collector for metal sulfide minerals.  Frequently applied directly in the grinding circuit.  This is an effective copper collector in medium acidity circuits.  It can also be applied in alkaline zinc circuits.

Ester Modified Xanthate (MC-C3320)

This product has a strong track record as a collector of metallic sulfide minerals.  It is an effective collector of copper in both alkaline and acidic circuits.  It is also effective for the flotation of zinc in alkaline circuits.  Highly selective against pyrite.


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