The Moly-Cop SAG Milling rage of grinding balls -  prepared for impact

The Moly-Cop SAG ball range has some of the leading SAG ball products in the industry, that are specifically designed for today's SAG milling environments.  Moly-Cop has developed a product with high toughness and superior wear life.

Product Specifications

Sizes:  Moly-Cop manufactures grinding balls for use in SAG milling and regrind applications in nominal sizes from 4.0” to 6.5” in diameter.

Chemistry:  An individual chemical profile has been developed for each diameter ball to correspond with the requirements for heat treatment.  Specific alloy additions are included to produce optimum physical properties.  The chemistry of the balls is controlled through a close collaboration with our bar suppliers and robust internal quality systems.

Surface and Volumetric Hardness:  Surface and cross-sectional hardness of the balls depends on the microstructure of the steel which is altered using carefully selected heat treatment variables specifically designed for each particular alloy.

Density:  The theoretical apparent packing density of the balls in a ball charge is 282 lbs/cu-ft or 4,520 kg/m3.

Supply and Quality Guarantee:  Long established strategic relationships with local and foreign raw material suppliers allow us to ensure all balls supplied to our customers are made from the highest quality products and meet strict Moly-Cop specifications.  This combined with our global manufacturing network gives our customers the confidence in the quality of the product that only Moly-Cop is able to assure.


SAG Ball Product Range



The Moly-Cop SAG ball is the leading SAG ball in the industry, specifically designed for today's SAG milling environments.

Moly-Cop has developed a product with high toughness and superior wear life.

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The Moly-Cop XTH SAG ball has been specifically engineered with optimum hardness levels to deliver superior wear resistance and premium milling performance, particularly in higher impact mill environments.

The Moly-Cop XTH SAG ball is manufactured and sold in Nth America and Australia.


The Moly-Cop NG SAG ball is Moly-Cop's new generation grinding ball, specifically designed for today's high impact SAG milling environments. Moly-Cop has developed an innovative manufacturing process that produces a ball with greater impact resistance and reduced spalling than a standard SAG ball.

Packaging Options

Bulk:  Moly-Cop has the ability to transport balls in bulk by open top trucks, open top railcars, or in standard 20 ft containers.

Bags:  Balls can be supplied in polypropylene bags which have secure bag straps to reduce time and effort in loading and unloading. While bags are treated to resist UV rays, bags should be protected from direct sunlight to maximize shelf life.

Drums:  Some Moly-Cop sites can provide balls in reconditioned drums. Drums can be placed directly on trucks or placed on wooden pallets to assist handling.



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