Industrial trials have shown that Moly-Cop's Heat Treated grinding rod has wear performance up to 25% longer than a standard grinding rod

Moly-Cop manufactures a series of world-class grinding rod products using a unique patented process developed by the company.  The patented process results in grinding rod with hardness profiles that have a high surface hardness and a lower hardness core.  For mining customers, the profile translates into long-wearing rod with excellent resilience.

Moly-Cop HTR50 Grinding Rods are produced in Alberta, Canada using steel produced by our own integrated AltaSteel steelworks.  Moly-Cop controls the manufacturing process from steelmaking through to the finished product, utilising high internal quality control processes throughout.

 The higher hardness rods reduce mill consumption significantly.  Moly-Cop HTR50 mill trials have shown consumption decreases of approximately 20% - 25% over standard 1090 grade rods.  The superior performance of the Moly-Cop Heat Treated grinding rod has resulted in wide customer acceptance in the North American grinding rod marketplace.

Product Specifications

Sizes:  Moly-Cop manufactures HTR50 Grinding Rod that can be cut to any length and are supplied in strapped bundles with bundle weights or rod counts to suit individual customer requirements.  Typically Grinding Rod diameters include: 26mm (1.0"), 50mm (2.0"), 64mm (2.5"), 76mm (3.0"), 90mm (3.5") and 100mm (4.0").

Chemistry:  Moly-Cop HTR50 Grinding Rods are a heat treated high-carbon (0.9% C) grinding rod produced by AltaSteel using a patented process and composition to achieve consistent hardness properties after heat-treatment.  An individual chemical profile has been developed for each diameter ball to correspond with the requirements for heat treatment. Specific alloy additions are included to produce optimum physical properties.  Grinding Rods are supplied with a pealitic microstructure.

Surface & Volumetric Hardness:  Surface and cross-sectional hardness of the balls depends on the microstructure of the steel which is altered using carefully selected heat treatment variables specifically designed for each particular alloy. Moly-Cop HTR50 Grinding Rod chemistry ranges are designed to achieve consistent hardenability factors.  Having consistent hardenability factors result in uniform hardness properties after heat-treatment.  The hardenability factors and heat-treat parameters are designed to produce a hardness profile that has a high surface hardness (for increased wear) with a lower hardness core (for increased toughness).  The Moly-Cop HTR50 Grinding Rod is designed for use in highly abrasive Rod Mill environments where breakage and high wear rates are more likely to occur.

Standards:  Moly-Cop HTR50 Grinding Rods are produced with a straightness tolerance of 6mm in any 1.5m of length or 4mm per metre run in accordance with various country standards.

Packaging Options:  Moly-Cop HTR50 Grinding Rods can be cut to any length and are supplied in strapped bundles with bundle weights or rod counts to suit individual customer requirements.  The product can be transported in bulk by open top trucks, or in containers (dependent on the length of product required).


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