Investing in the Mining Engineers of the Future

The Moly-Cop Tools software has been helping Mining Engineers and Metallurgists for over 25 years.  To support our customers to utilize the software, Moly-Cop regularly conducts in-house training on the practical application of the software with customers around the globe.

What is not widely understood is that Moly-Cop also conducts regular training on the application of Moly-Cop Tools in Universities and Secondary training colleges.  Our Technical team regularly perform training as part of several mining engineering courses in the Americas.  Gustavo Alcazar, Country Manager for Moly-Cop in Chile, says "We are very honored that our University partners recognise the benefit of training their students in the application of Moly-Cop Tools".  "It is a great credit to the technical skills of our team and the regard held for the Moly-Cop Tools software and training package".

MC Tools Santiago2

Javier Jofre (Moly-Cop) with students attending a recent Moly-Cop Tools course at the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso, during this first semester of 2017.

Moly-Cop Scholarship Recipient Announced

Each year Moly-Cop sponsors a scholarship to be awarded to a young undergraduate student, who is studying for a degree in Mining Engineering at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

On June 30 2017, in the Department of Mining Engineering, the award ceremony was held to announce the recipient of this years scholarship.  The scholarship is called the "Moly-Cop Chile Dr. Jaime Sepulveda" Scholarship, in honor of former Moly-Cop President, Dr Jaime Sepulveda.  Senior student, Daniel Schwarzenberg, was named as this years recipient in recognition of his outstanding personal effort, commitment and academic dedication.

The event was attended by Moly-Cop representatives Gustavo Alcázar, Country Manager Chile, Hector Toro, Commercial Manager and Jaime Sepúlveda, past president of Moly-Cop.  Also present were academics and officials of the School of Engineering Rodrigo Pascual, director of the Department of Mining Engineering amd Álvaro Videla, academic of Metallurgical Processes.

Scholarship 2017

Rodrigo Pascual (left) and Dr Jaime Sepulveda (right) presenting student, Michael Shwarzenberg with the Moly-Cop Chile Dr Jaime Sepulveda Scholarship for 2017