Moly-Cop is the undisputed leader of the global grinding media market and is recognised for its superior product quality and performance, helping customers maximise throughput and yield.  

Moly-Cop’s facilities and technical resources are located close to its customers, assuring timely and flexible delivery of products and minimising risk of interruption to operations. Regular on-site technical customer support provides us with a deep understanding of our customers' business operations and requirements.


- The Moly-Cop Promise -
Close to You


- Product Quality -
Longer life products, lower consumption

After 80 years of continuous product development, Moly-Cop’s grinding media quality is widely recognized as the industry leading standard.

For customers, high product quality means grinding media with high breakage resistance and low consumption rates, which is vital given that mining consumables are typically one of the largest operating costs of a mine.

- Supply Assurance -
We wont let you down

Certainty of supply is critical for the continuity of our customer's milling operations.  Moly-Cop’s international network of manufacturing facilities, strategically located close to the main sources of grinding media demand is a unique differentiating factor against all other remote competitors.

With ten global manufacturing locations, we have the flexibility within our network to respond to both regional fluctuations in demand as well as disruptions in global supply dynamics as we are not dependent on one facility for our total production needs.

- Technical Support -
Helping customers to improve their outcomes

Moly-Cop’s broad geographical footprint of strategically located grinding media manufacturing facilities is supported by our highly experienced in-market customer technical support teams, conveniently located in key mining regions, close to customer sites.

At Moly-Cop, we focus our day-to-day customer interactions much beyond the essential attributes of our products, aiming at providing customers tailored technical support, attempting to help them do their jobs better and effectively demonstrating that we are closer to them than any other supplier.

Product Quality

Lower Consumption
  • Long life products - Lower Consumption
  • High value in use outcomes
  • Continual focus on innovation
  • New generation SAG balls

Supply Assurance

We wont let you down
  • Strategically located facilities
  • Global network - multiple supply options
  • Short supply chains
  • Ability to respond quickly to changing demand

Technical Support

Close to you
  • Mine start-up services
  • Milling Optimisation
  • Flotation services
  • Moly-Cop Tools and Operator Training

- How can we help? -
Technical Services Range


Mine Start-up Services

Moly-Cop has a range of services tailored to the needs of new mine projects. We understand the complexities of mine start-ups, from commissioning critical mining equipment and circuits to estimating key operating parameters for estimation and budgeting purposes.


Mill Optimisation Services

Moly-Cop has a range of services that are focused on increasing customer productivity and reducing cost for the key mineral processing assets of our customer's existing mines.


Training Courses

Moly-Cop offers a wide range of training courses ranging from introductory and advanced Moly-Cop tools training to specialised in-house milling operator training courses. 

Meet Our Technical Support Team


- Applications Engineer Team Leader -
Levi Guzman

- Background -

A Metallurgical Engineer from the National University of San Agustín de Arequipa, he has held diplomas in Technological Innovation in mining at the Antofagasta University of Chile, in managerial skills in technology from Monterrey, Mexico, and in geometry from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

During his 25 years of working in mineral processing, Levi has carried out several studies of optimization of milling / grading circuits, both in conventional grinding and semi-autogenous grinding, as well as carried out research on optimization of flotation reagent schemes for different mining companies. He is the author of several technical works related to grinding and flotation of minerals presented at national and international level.

Levi has been with Moly-Cop for over 17 years and is currently our Applications Engineering Team Leader based in Peru.

- Industry Experience -

Moly-Cop Tools Trainer