Learning Outcomes

This course targets experienced users of Moly-Cop Tools and builds on the learnings of the introductory course.

This 2-day short course is tailored for advanced users wanting to explore the advanced functionality of the Moly-Cop Tools software.

This course provides a more detailed understanding of the wider range of models in the Moly-Cop Tools software and greater exposure to more complex milling circuit simulations



Course Outline

Day 1

  • Introduction.
  • Advanced concepts and terminology.
  • Lab session: model calibration: mass balance and parameter estimation routines.
  • Lab Session: simulation of complex grinding/classification circuits


Day 2

  • Evaluation of alternative grinding media products.
  • A semiautogenous grinding model.
  • Lab. sessions to explore the various models of the software package


  • Lunch, morning and afternoon tea
  • Moly-Cop Tools software CD
  • Moly-Cop Tools resources kit
  • Certificate of completion


Please contact your Moly-Cop sales representative for more information