Same Quality, New Image

Our customers operating strategy is very simple. The mine can never stop.  What does this mean for Molycop? We can’t stop either. We have to match this same intensity in everything we do. We will support our customers when they need us.  We are 100% committed to leveraging our global network of facilities, resources and […]

Wider Range

Cast High Chrome Grinding Ball Range Molycop now offers a complete range of cast high chrome grinding media, to supplement our forged grinding media range. Our advanced melting techniques and adherence to tightly controlled alloy chemistries assure our customers of consistent, high quality product and provide the optimum wear resistance against abrasion and corrosion. The […]

100 Years of Manufacturing

The Commonwealth Steel Company, part of the Molycop group, is a proud Australian company, which holds a prominent place in the nation’s and the region’s manufacturing history. Since 1918, the company’s remarkable story has been characterised by seizing opportunities, always innovating, and investing in its products and people.  General Manager, Michael Parker said the company’s […]

Training the Future

The Molycop Tools software has been helping Mining Engineers and Metallurgists for over 25 years.  To support our customers to utilize the software, Molycop regularly conducts in-house training on the practical application of the software with customers around the globe. What is not widely understood is that Molycop also conducts regular training on the application […]

AltaSteel Raises Money for Fort McMurray – Canada

On Friday May 6, 2016  AltaSteel held a  fundraiser to raise money for the victims of the Fort McMurray forest fires, and it was the most successful fundraiser AltaSteel has had to date!  The total funds raised at the Hot Dog Sale were $3,700!! This was solely based on the generosity of the AltaSteel employees.  AltaSteel was pleased to match the donation made […]

Forging Ahead

Molycop have been manufacturing grinding balls from its Kansas City operations since 1921.  In January, 2016 the company added another important chapter to its rich history with the first of it’s new generation SAG grinding balls rolling off the production line. Named the “Molycop NG”, the new product represents a significant improvement in SAG Ball […]

Molycop NG is Here!

After considerable in-house and in-field testing Molycop has developed a superior, high performance SAG ball – “Molycop NG”.   The ball is manufactured using an innovative, proprietary manufacturing process that has resulted in a tougher SAG Ball, with higher impact and spalling resistance. Trials to date have resulted in a significantly lower ball consumption range […]