Completion of Acquisition

MOLYCOP ANNOUNCE THE COMPLETION OF ACQUISITION Molycop is pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of SABO, a Spanish based grinding media business. SABO’s operations include two grinding media facilities based in Bilbao and Seville along with 80 employees. For the past 100 years, our corporate mission has been to establish Molycop as the […]

Transforming Waste into Value

At the heart of the technology are several small high temperature furnaces designed to transform e-waste streams at temperatures greater than 1000 degrees into usable materials for manufacturing, base metals production or gas for energy. While a lot of work is being done around recycling and collection, a lot of the resources within these waste […]

Safety Award

Best Communication of a Safety Message Safety is front of mind for everyone at Molycop, and the whole workforce is focused on an approach they call “Goal Zero”. Supported by systems that are rigorous and comprehensive, the safety regime protects workers at every step of the steelmaking and manufacturing process. Over the years, Molycop’s approach […]

La Joya Completion

Molycop constructs a New Facility in Southern Peru? In Spanish, “La Joya” translates to “The Jewel” and Molycop’s latest grinding media facility in La Joya, Peru is certainly the jewel in the crown of Molycop’s international manufacturing facilities since it was fully commissioned in November 2016. Molycop has operated a grinding media facility in Arequipa, […]

Estimating Ball Consumption

An improved method for Estimating Grinding Media Consumption Rates In 2007 Benavente established an empirical correlation for estimating grinding media consumption, based on operational parameters as well as Bond’s Abrasion Index.  Benavente’s correlation showed a substantial improvement in comparison with the results obtained via the use of the Bond Abrasion Index.  Carlos Rabanal, from Molycop […]

New Frontiers

Can you tell us about your work history and why you were attracted to the mining industry?I grew up in the Far East of Russia which is a major gold mining and fishing region, which essentially sealed my fate as far as a future profession went. Mining is a fantastic industry to be involved in. […]

Molycop Milling Seminar

On August 23 in the seaside city of Antofagasta, Chile, Molycop held the “Molycop Milling Optimisation Seminar”. The seminar attracted more than 60 mining engineers from the major mining companies in the northern region of Chile. According to Marcelo Lorca, Commercial Manager of Molycop Chile, “The idea was to organize a forum with our key […]

The Mejillones Community

In 2004, Molycop commissioned a new manufacturing plant in Mejillones, in Northern Chile.  Mejillones was once a small fishing town, but given its location in the middle of what is today the world’s largest copper mining regions, it has rapidly developed into an important centre servicing the mining industry. In 2007 a number of the […]

Going places with Molycop

Since graduating from the University of NSW (UNSW) in Australia, Tom Sinclair was offered a graduate trainee position within Molycop. Tom is now employed with Molycop as a grinding media product metallurgist. In mid 2014, Tom was given the opportunity to travel to the Molycop grinding media businesses located in the Americas as part of […]