Congratulations to the entire team in Newcastle, Australia, on winning the ENVIRONMENTAL EXCELLENCE AWARD at the 2019 Hunter Manufacturing Awards. Molycop President of Australasia Michael Parker, commenting on the importance of the awards, “Our win in the Safety Excellence category in the Hunter Manufacturing Awards in 2017 was an incredible honour and acknowledgement of our […]

Kansas City Plant announced as winners of the 2019 KCIC Sustainability Award

Each year, the Kansas City Industrial Council (KCIC) recognizes businesses that have made significant investments in green initiatives over the last year with a KCIC Sustainability Award.  This year, Kansas City Industrial Council’s Sustainability Awards judging committee has chosen Molycop as a Gold Level recipient of one of its Sustainability Awards for recognition of their […]


Working in consultation with BC Energy, a nationally recognized energy management and reduction firm, Molycop USA conducted a thorough audit of its existing lighting services and infrastructure at it’s Kansas City Facility and developed a cost benefit analysis and implementation plan to replace the existing lighting with a modern LED based system The analysis determined […]

Energy efficiency project implemented at Kansas City Plant

The replacement of a major piece of infrastructure at a plant is generally followed by the audible groans from the accounts team upstairs and plant manager fretting about lost productivity. On this occasion, there was a palpable sense of expectation and excitement at our Kansas facility. With the original plant cooling tower reaching the end […]

Environmental Initiatives

Waratah Furnace Insulation Upgrade The Rotary Hearth Furnace at the Waratah Steel Mill heats steel “cheeses” which are then formed into rail wheels in subsequent forging and rolling operations.  Thermal imagery taken of the furnace revealed that a large amount of heat was being lost through the furnace roof due to poor insulation properties.  The furnace was […]