Same Quality, New Image

Our customers operating strategy is very simple. The mine can never stop.  What does this mean for Molycop? We can’t stop either. We have to match this same intensity in everything we do. We will support our customers when they need us.  We are 100% committed to leveraging our global network of facilities, resources and […]

Assured Supply Options

Certainty of supply is critical for the continuity of our customer’s operations.  Molycop’s international network of manufacturing facilities, strategically located close to the main sources of grinding media demand is a unique differentiating factor against all other remote competitors.  By being close to customers, Molycop provides valuable assurance of high-quality grinding media with on-time, flexible […]

100 Years of Manufacturing

The Commonwealth Steel Company, part of the Molycop group, is a proud Australian company, which holds a prominent place in the nation’s and the region’s manufacturing history. Since 1918, the company’s remarkable story has been characterised by seizing opportunities, always innovating, and investing in its products and people.  General Manager, Michael Parker said the company’s […]

La Joya Completion

Molycop constructs a New Facility in Southern Peru? In Spanish, “La Joya” translates to “The Jewel” and Molycop’s latest grinding media facility in La Joya, Peru is certainly the jewel in the crown of Molycop’s international manufacturing facilities since it was fully commissioned in November 2016. Molycop has operated a grinding media facility in Arequipa, […]

Completion of Acquisition

MOLYCOP ANNOUNCE THE COMPLETION OF ACQUISITION Molycop is pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of SABO, a Spanish based grinding media business. SABO’s operations include two grinding media facilities based in Bilbao and Seville along with 80 employees. For the past 100 years, our corporate mission has been to establish Molycop as the […]