New Frontiers

Can you tell us about your work history and why you were attracted to the mining industry?I grew up in the Far East of Russia which is a major gold mining and fishing region, which essentially sealed my fate as far as a future profession went. Mining is a fantastic industry to be involved in. […]

Going places with Molycop

Since graduating from the University of NSW (UNSW) in Australia, Tom Sinclair was offered a graduate trainee position within Molycop. Tom is now employed with Molycop as a grinding media product metallurgist. In mid 2014, Tom was given the opportunity to travel to the Molycop grinding media businesses located in the Americas as part of […]

Global Mindset

As an international company, Molycop can offer talented employees fantastic opportunities to build their skills in a global context.  One such employee, Daniel Sáez, has been seconded from his position as Senior Financial Analyst in Chile to the Group Internal Audit team in Sydney. Daniel’s manager, Lance Dawber, identified his potential, and sought out the opportunity for […]

Women in Molycop

Women in Molycop Programme The Women in Molycop program is aimed to provide talented women across all of Molycop’s global operations with an opportunity to work on their personal career development and create a network of colleagues from across the company. Two groups of women have been formed, one from different parts of Australia and, […]