I had been working in various roles within the mining and power industry over the past two and a half years. During that time, I had the opportunity to work alongside many fitters, which sparked my interest.

The work seemed interesting, making me want to research and pursue this role at Molycop. I identified mining and manufacturing as an industry I want to follow in the long term, and it’s a
the career path I feel most passionate about and eager to learn more about.

I had been knocked back for previous apprenticeship applications and was quite disheartened. However, the application process at Molycop was transparent, and I felt supported and welcomed throughout the entire process. They saw my ambition and desire and gave me a chance, which felt welcoming.

My expectations are to gain knowledge in all aspects of mechanical fitting as well as other components, and I’m hoping for this to grow into a lifetime career.

My first impression of Molycop was that it has so much history within Newcastle and appears different from any other site I’ve worked on. This made me excited to be part of the Molycop team.

In 3 years, I envision myself still being a part of  Molycop,  growing as an individual and part of the
team, learning new skills and progressing throughout my apprenticeship.