Many of our clients have a growing focus not only on how best to manage and minimise waste but also on how to recover the valuable components within the waste materials for beneficial re-use.

Molycop’s resource recovery solutions deliver an environmental benefit (recycling and re-purposing waste) as well as cost savings for clients.

If waste materials can be re-used, this reduces the reliance on producing products from scarce raw materials.


Molycop 360 provides integrated logistics and waste management solutions for businesses, government, councils, the mining industry and the community.  We have the capability to provide both waste collection systems that can be collected from your premises but we also have the capability to process vast quantities of waste materials on-site and often in remote locations.  On-site processing reduces the transportation cost involved in ultimate waste disposal or on selling.


Experienced and adaptable

  • We come to you – Our mobile shredding capability means we can process the waste on site.
  • On-site shredding decreases bulk waste for transport or storage and turns waste into a semi convertible product
  • Ability to access remote locations
  • Trusted and committed to meeting site and safety requirements
  • We are able to scale up based on the size of the project

Logistical expertise

  • Ability to transport waste from site
  • Backhaul logistical capabilities

Difficult Waste Streams

  • We process waste streams that are difficult to process
  • Where possible we re-use these waste streams in our steelmaking process to reduce our consumption of coal in order to make our “green” range of mining consumable products




The circular economy in practice

Waste Processing and Transformation

The economy of the past, is built on single use “take, make and dispose” principles involving extracting resources, making products, using them once or only for a short time, then disposing of them.

A circular economy keeps products and raw materials in use for longer, through recycling, repairing, repurposing and reusing.

It is about changing the way we produce, assemble, sell and use products to minimise waste and to reduce our environmental impact.