Like many other facets of the mining industry, the comminution sector is turning to technology to improve productivity, grow the future business, and decrease operating costs and environmental imprint.

In this era of the digitization and automation, the goal is to make decisions with a high level of understanding of the consequence of change, thus minimizing the consequence of unexpected outcomes whilst maximizing the productivity and profitability of the process.

Code-named P86, this world-first innovation looks set to unlock our understanding and dynamics of media from within the mill. This is not a system that uses inferred data trends generated by external sensors (e.g. microphone, video or mechanical forces).  Data is streamed directly from the grinding media.  The system can be introduced in stages, with “tagged” mill liner bolts giving G-Force and impact trends initially, and then adopting a full sensor-fitted media system.

Practically speaking, it gives insight into what is truly happening inside the mill, providing valuable input data for event management decisions. This provides important mill operating inputs so extraordinary events can be minimized. This, in turn, paves the way for significant cost reductions in maintenance, repairs and energy use by the mill itself.

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