Our Molycop 360 recycling facility based in Cootamundra, NSW, Australia, was one of eight projects identified under the Federal Government’s Recycling Modernisation Fund (RMF) in partnership with the NSW Government’s Remanufacture NSW program. The funding will go towards the upgrade of our Cootamundra facility to create value-added products, including the recovery of steel to create […]

Molycop renews sponsorship of Canadian Mineral Processors CMP BC/YK branch

We are proud to announce the renewal of our silver sponsorship and ongoing support of the Canadian Mineral Processors CMP BC/ YK branch. Beyond supporting our local chapter, it is important to highlight the incredible work of our members and their investment in their community. We are grateful for the opportunity and look forward to […]

Cilegon, Indonesia implements grocery pick up and delivery service to assist community

Molycop continues to take action to help keep its people, their families, and communities safe as the evolving impact of the COVID-19 pandemic requires varying responses in countries around the world. Our priority remains to reduce the risk of transmission and to protect our workforce, their families, and our communities. This will also enable us […]

Our team in Peru lend their support to the communities of La Joya and Arequipa

The best way to overcome this pandemic is through solidarity and empathy. Over the weeks, we saw how this new coronavirus continued affecting many people in the country’s most vulnerable areas, who, being far from the city, do not have the necessary preventive resources to protect themselves from COVID19. As an organization, we are committed […]


COVID-19 has affected everyone, with the community of Reparticion, a small neighborhood adjoining our La Joya manufacturing plant in the district of Arequipa, proving no exception. Many of the local community rely on the trade generated from the Pan Americana highway, that passes directly through the middle of the township.  COVID-19 restrictions have resulted in […]


It is Molycop’ s objective to make a lasting, positive contribution to the societies and communities in which we operate. We actively seek to create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships by understanding and maximizing the positive influence we can have on local development. During the month of February, we will shine a spotlight on some […]