Energy Management Leaders: Sector Spotlight on Manufacturers Forum

Brett Allan, the General Manager of Supply Chain and Strategic Sourcing in Australia, recently participated in a virtual forum hosted by the Energy Efficiency Council to discuss our sustainability journey as manufacturer in Australia. Thank you to the Energy Efficiency Council for inviting us to participate and share our journey. A recording for the session […]

Molycop receives Gold Seal Energy Efficiency Award in Chile

Molycop receives Gold Seal Energy Efficiency Award for its Talcahuano and Mejillones plants in Chile. 32 companies in Chile were recently recognized for their ongoing efforts to improve their energy consumption and efficiency in manufacturing, by the Department of Energy and the Department of Sustainability. In total, these companies saved over 90,000 tonnes of CO2, […]

Energy efficiency project implemented at Kansas City Plant

The replacement of a major piece of infrastructure at a plant is generally followed by the audible groans from the accounts team upstairs and plant manager fretting about lost productivity. On this occasion, there was a palpable sense of expectation and excitement at our Kansas facility. With the original plant cooling tower reaching the end […]