We believe getting home from work safely is everyone’s priority.
Everyone in Molycop has a role to play to ensure we achieve our goal of getting home to our families in the same or better condition than the one we arrived in.
We exist to deliver on our customer promise and imagine beyond together.
Delivering our promise every single time is the baseline for our customer relationship, partnering to find innovative solutions to create value for our customers is what will set Molycop apart.
We are proud of doing what is right, not what is easy.
Our standard for doing what is right even when it is hard provides the moral compass for choices and decisions in our company.
We learn to challenge ourselves to improve on yesterday.
We know in our fast moving world we can never stand still we encourage our people to challenge the status quo and continually find ways to improve on yesterday.
We belong to the community we serve and embrace our responsibility for a better tomorrow.
A key differentiator for Molycop's business model is our local presence, being part of the community drives us to operate sustainable to ensure we positively contribute to the communities that support us.



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Maximises value

Our Story


Molycop's Australian operations, began with The Commonwealth Steel Company (Comsteel), which established its original facility on the Waratah site in Newcastle Australia in 1917. Molycop pioneered Electric Arc Furnace steel-making with the installation of the first EAF in the southern hemisphere on the site. The facility originally manufactured parts for the rail industry such as wheels, axles and other rail gear. During the Second World War, the facility produced over 200,000 shells and other munitions, along with over 2 million steel helmets for the Allied soldiers.


Back in the 1920’s, the development of the first grinding ball fortuitously began. A plant manager of a local cement company, looking to use punchings from the bolt and nut shop as grinding media for grinding cement clinker, approached the Sheffield Steel Works in Kansas City. From that humble encounter, the need to create a new product set forth collaborations between engineers at Sheffield and forging equipment manufacturers to develop the first automated ball forging equipment.


During the 1930’s, further product development saw the Armco’s Sheffield Steel business of Kansas City produce the first heat-treated grinding ball alloyed with molybdenum and copper. The innovative new ball significantly improved wear performance versus the quality levels of that time. In 1940 this new ball was patented and appropriately trademarked as Molycop®.


From 1961, after Armco built its first grinding ball operation outside the USA in Talcahuano Chile, Molycop started to grow exponentially. During the next 40 years, Molycop strategically opened grinding ball plants all over the globe, located in places such as Peru, Mexico, Canada and Indonesia, forming an international network of facilities and relationships that are still prevalent today.


Between 2002-2007, ownership changes occurred when the Anglo American subsidiary, Scaw Metals (South Africa), purchased Molycop in 2002, while the original Kansas City ball plant had restarted as an independent company in 2003, which was then later acquired by OneSteel in 2007.


In January 2011, under ARRIUM ownership (formerly OneSteel), all of our grinding media manufacturing facilities merged into a common Molycop organisation, creating the largest grinding media company in the world.


As of 2017, now under the ownership of American Industrial Partners, Molycop comprises 12 manufacturing facilities spread across the globe, utilizing the best available technologies, strategically located to efficiently supply all major global mining regions with a strong commitment to social and environmental responsibility.


Molycop’s long history has formed a company with industry leading products and a unique international footprint. From here, Molycop is focused on the future, expanding our current capacities to serve the increasing demand being generated by a diverse range of mining operations worldwide and continuing to develop innovative mining consumables products and associated services that will shape and improve the mining industry for many generations to come.
1917 2019


Together, our Executive Team bring years of industry and manufacturing experience, leading our commitment to establishing a safe and happy workplace while always delivering on our promise to the customer.

Chief Executive Officer

Jim Anderson

Joined Molycop in 2017. 30 years manufacturing experience. Based in Omaha, USA.

Chief Financial Officer

Patrick Koley

Joined Molycop in 2019. 18 years manufacturing experience. Based in Omaha, USA.

Chief Commercial Officer

Lance Dawber

Joined Molycop in 1995. 22 years in Industry. Based in Santiago, Chile.

Pres. Australasia

Michael Parker

Joined Molycop in 2013. 36 years in Industry. Based in Newcastle, Australia.

Pres. North America

Steven Gorst

Joined Molycop in 2018. 5 years industry experience. Based in Calgary Canada.

Chief Human Resources Officer

Paul Griffiths

Joined Molycop in 2012. 30 years in Industry. Based in Sydney, Australia.