Our Business

Grinding Media: Moly-Cop is the largest and most experienced manufacturer and supplier of grinding media to mining operations worldwide, with installed manufacturing capacity in excess of 1.7 million tonnes per year and global annual sales over 1.0 million tonnes. Moly-Cop


Moly-Cop manufactures a wide range of grinding media, flotation chemicals and rail consumable products to exacting internal specifications across its global manufacturing facilities.  The Moly-Cop range of grinding media products are designed for maximum abrasion resistance using high carbon content and

Supporting Customers

Moly-Cop is the undisputed leader of the global grinding media market and is recognised for its superior product quality and performance, helping customers maximise throughput and yield.   Moly-Cop’s facilities and technical resources are located close to its customers, assuring


We believe that there is strength in diversity, and what sets us apart as individuals makes us stronger as a team.


Moly-Cop recognises that achieving positive sustainable relationships with the communities in which we operate is imperative to doing business.