With our operational footprint across the Americas, Australasia and Europe we have a long and proud history of participation and association with the local communities in which we operate. Molycop has used its position as a local manufacturer and supplier to improve the prospects and add value, of and to those that live in our communities. It is our belief that if the communities in which we operate do well, our business also does well. A safe, prosperous and healthy local community means a capable and available workforce and supplier base to support and sustain our business.

It is Molycop’ s objective to make a lasting, positive contribution to the societies and communities in which we operate. We actively seek to create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships by understanding and maximizing the positive influence we can have on local development. We recognize that to be a positive catalyst for development we must proactively manage the potential adverse impacts our activities can have at the local level. Without exception, we will respect and protect the human rights, culture, natural resources of our host countries and communities.

As part of Molycop’s commitment to improving supplier standards across our industry, it is our hope through positive engagement we are able to maximise the economic and social development within the communities in which we operate.


Sheffield Place opened its doors in February 1991 as a community response to the growing population of homeless mothers and their children in the Kansas City area.  Sheffield Place has assisted more than 1200 families in making the difficult journey from homelessness to self-sufficiency. Empowering the families to heal from the severe, chronic, and continuous trauma they have experienced is the first step in the process of self-sufficiency.

Since 2003 Molycop has supported Sheffield Place through direct support of their fundraising efforts, and the participation of Steve Ornduff, our Executive Director of Global Excellence, on their executive board.

If you would like to donate, volunteer or learn more about Sheffield Place, please click on the following links



Mining is a partnership, it is the collective will the of mine owners, suppliers and the participation of the community, that allows a mine to function and prosper. To recognise the importance of these partnerships, Molycop along with other mining suppliers worked with customers in Peru to lend our support to some local schools. These schools exclusively service the children of mining workers.

In the spirit of Christmas and with the support of our mining customers, we were able to lend our support to these events.


The Gaurilihue Alto High School is located in the town of Coelemu, in southern Chile. With over 150 students, it predominately serves the rural workers of the town. Without such a facility, these children would have no local access to an education.

Molycop supports the school through the direct donation of resources as well as allowing employees to donate their time to assist with projects at the school.


The Las Rosas Foundation is a Chilean based, not for profit aged care facility.  Opened in 1967, its mission is to welcome and assist the country’s poorest and most vulnerable elderly citizens.  The foundation manages over 50 facilities across Chile, assisting and caring for over 2200 full-time residents.

Molycop’s Talcahuano operations has supported the Las Rosas Foundation since 2009 with both direct financial support and our ongoing participation and support of their fundraising efforts.

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Australia continues to battle devastating bushfires across much of the eastern seaboard of the country.   Molycop expresses an immense gratitude to the men and women volunteering and working tirelessly to save lives, homes, communities, businesses and wildlife.

Molycop is supporting those organisations involved in the relief and recovery efforts through the donation of AUD $75,000 to be allocated to The Australian Red Cross Bushfire Appeal, WIRES (Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation) and the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.

If you would like to support the ongoing relief efforts, please consider donating or supporting charities and services helping those in need, including: