Molycop has successfully conducted its first field trials of its ‘P86” Mill Sensor system, at the Westgold Murchison and Blue Bird mine sites in Australia.

Molycop’s Vice President of Innovation, Paul Shelley, made the announcement to the Procemin Conference in Chile (Nov 2019).

‘The promising results from these field test support our positive outlook for this world first Mill Sensor System, developed in Australia, in partnership with our global offices.’

‘As it stands today, we have confirmed the viability of a technology with the potential to join our suite of Mill Optimisation services. However, our immediate focus is to continue conducting field trials with our mining partners all around the world, as we look to commercialise the technology.’

This trial program has the potential to benefit the mining industry more broadly on the global stage, as mines all over the world look to improve comminution efficiency, reduce the operating cost of their plants, conserve valuable resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.