I grew up in New Zealand before moving to Australia in 2000 to travel, and I currently live in the Central Coast, NSW, with my young family.

I have been a roofer for the past eight years, and before that, I worked in the construction industry in various roles and responsibilities.

I had been researching apprentice opportunities for some time as I was keen to explore a different career pathway and provide stability for my family. However, I still wanted to work with my hands, and they had an excellent track record of nurturing and fostering their apprenticeships. Molycop certainly ticked all my boxes when I first saw the job listing.

The application process was excellent! I found it to be comprehensive and professional. In addition, the recruitment team were accommodating and maintained close contact with me throughout the process, which I found very encouraging. 

I got accepted into the boiler maker apprenticeship program, so I am keen to meet with my new team, learn about all the fabrication techniques, and access all the additional training and qualification opportunities.

I couldn’t believe how big the site was when I did the tour with the other apprentices. It was huge! I was very impressed by the site and its facilities. The staff on site were friendly and professional. I left a positive impression of the site and staff and can’t wait to start.

For the first time in a long while, I am excited to come to work, and I can wait to learn as much as possible from the mentors and teachers. My goals for the future are to complete my apprenticeship program and forge a long career with Molycop.