The Problem of Urban Waste Generation

Meeting the waste management needs of today’s communities

Though all communities are unique, local government authorities face common challenges in the optimal management of waste. With urban development and population growth comes an ever-increasing variety of waste materials and streams, and residents demand new and innovative solutions to boost recycling, decrease reliance on landfill and protect the local environment.

Waste Cages For Every Need and Capacity

Molycop 360 specializes in waste containment cages, with a wide range of sizes and capacities to suit projects of every size.


  • Wide range of sizes
  • Prompt delivery and removal
  • You determine the duration of time the waste cage remains on site
  • Saves time and cost compared to landfill disposal
  • Improves site safety by using a dedicated disposal bin point
  • Improves site aesthetics for the duration of work
  • Waste cage applications to suit projects of every size and scope

Hard Waste Collection

Our hard waste collection services are a convenient and sustainable way for councils and residents to dispose of bulky household items such as mattresses, tyres and timber waste. By processing these items for recycling and recovery, we divert waste from landfill and prevent unsightly and unsafe littering and dumping.