Industrial Waste Recovery Services

Molycop 360’s industrial waste recovery services are fully compliant with local and industry health and safety regulations and can be tailored to your schedule, budget requirements and unique needs.

Wherever possible we recover and recycle waste collected through our recovery services. Once your waste has been collected, it will be sent to an EPA-compliant facility to be treated and all possible resources recovered.

We have widespread experience across a range of industries and waste streams.  And we’re backed by a global organisation that connects us to innovative, best-practice technologies and project expertise.


  • Tyres
  • Poly Pipe
  • Pallets & Timber
  • IBC’s & Oil Drums (plastic)
  • Pond Liners
  • Green Waste
  • Scrap Metal Collection


  • Our mobile shredder fleet decreases bulk waste for transport or storage at your site
  • We transform waste into a semi convertible product
  • Ability to access remote locations
  • Trusted and committed to meeting site and safety requirements
  • We are able to scale up based on the size of the project
  • Backhaul logistical capabilities
  • Ability to transport waste from site