The Coalition for Energy Efficient Comminution (CEEC) and Molycop announced today a new collaboration agreement, adding to the visionary group of innovative companies backing the global communications hub.

CEEC is a global initiative, providing access to the most current technical scientific papers and field studies to the worldwide mining industry.

CEEC is an independent not-for-profit corporation who’s mission is to accelerate the implementation of eco-efficient comminution practices through promotion of supporting data and industry initiatives.

CEEC CEO Alison Keogh said she looked forward to working with Molycop to boost CEEC’s information sharing about technology and processes that add value to the minerals processing industry. “Grinding to produce minerals and metals consumes almost three percent of the world’s electrical energy. As a world-leading provider of grinding media and other mining consumables, Molycop is well positioned to contribute to and champion greater efficiencies in this field,” Ms Keogh said.

Molycop Vice President of Innovation Dr Paul Shelley said the company had a strong focus on sustainability and recognised the synergies in supporting CEEC’s work. “From the development of the first heat-treated grinding ball in the 1930s to releasing the NG SAG ball in 2016, Molycop has established a 100-year track record of innovation leading to increased productivity for customer mines all over the globe,” Dr Shelley said.

“As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of grinding media, Molycop is committed to the research and development of effective, long-life products and technical support services with the aim to improve productivity and reduce operating costs for customers. Our R&D advances in the areas of longer life consumables, recycling and energy efficiency are changing the way we do business and the way our clients do business.

“We recognise that innovation can lead to improvements in productivity and bring the sort of step change and breakthrough impact to ensure company longevity and better environmental outcomes. We are proud to introduce and share leading initiatives that help industry improve in this way.”

“Molycop has a clear focus on the future and how we can improve our operations and that of our customers. We’re conscious that the mining industry is constantly changing, technological advancements are evolving and demand for greater output never stops increasing.”

Ms Keogh said both CEEC and Molycop had a clear vision to improve value, productivity and energy efficiency. She said the addition of the company to CEEC’s team of sponsors would extend the organisation’s capacity to share information and collaborate on other energy efficiency advances. “CEEC is proud to collaborate with mining and METS companies like Molycop, which plays a vital role in sharing energy efficient site practices and mineral processing improvement opportunities globally,” Ms Keogh said.

“Molycop is showing leadership by investing in renewable energy supply to its manufacturing facilities and through innovative recycling processes in the production of some their product lines. By communicating these initiatives more widely, we hope to inspire others in industry to take actions to improve mining’s energy and emissions footprint.”

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