The CEIN is an initiative of the NSW Government through the Office of the Chief Scientist and Engineer to bring together stakeholders from across governments, industry, universities and not-for-profit groups to reduce waste and enhance sustainability by developing a circular economy in which waste is valued as a resource.

Led by Scientia Professor, Veena Sahajwalla, director of the Centre for Sustainable materials Research and Technology (SMaRT) at UNSW, this group aims to bring together a multiplicity of stakeholders from industry, government, and academia.

Molycop is extremely honored to have been invited to join this innovation network and we look forward to lending our expertise and resources to such an important public initiative, particularly through our work with Professor Sahajwalla and UNSW to convert e-waste into materials for manufacturing.

The Network is aimed at better linking industry with government, local councils and researchers to provide an environment in NSW that is conducive to the adoption of new ways of tackling the challenges of the Circular Economy.

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