Molycop 360 becomes an accredited participant of Tyre Stewardship Australia in a commitment to developing sustainable markets and uses of end-of-life tyres and tyre derived products
Michael Parker, President of Australian Operations, said
“With the launch of our resource recovery business, Molycop 360, we are committed to building the circular economy, liberating value from waste streams and supporting our customers’ sustainability goals”.. “Our capability to collect and process end-of-life tyres (and other industrial rubber products) complements our integrated Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steelmaking operation. The steel, carbon and hydrogen content of end-of-life tyres can be recovered and reused in the EAF steelmaking process, thereby reducing the consumption of virgin raw materials”.
“Molycop’s goal is to continue to develop and expand its capability to provide resource recovery solutions for our customer’s problematic wastes streams Mr Parker says. “In the case of tyres, such a solution is becoming critically important given the impending waste tyre export ban which comes into effect in December 2021”.
Tyre Stewardship Australia is an industry-led initiative by major tyre importers and auto brands and was recognised as best practice product stewardship by the Federal Government in March 2021.  
The Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme recognises sustainable end-of-life tyre management through an accreditation and auditing system. Consumers will be able to identify participants in the Scheme, including retailers, recyclers and contributing brands through TSA signage at retail outlets and by visiting the TSA website.
“Having Molycop 360 join TSA as an accredited recycler is a positive step for increasing resource recovery in regional areas. These are the areas that face the most challenges when it comes to sustainably managing end-of-life tyres.
“The fact that Molycop 360 can recycle all types of tyres including passenger, SUV, 4WD, heavy truck and, most importantly, off-the-road tyres is a real benefit to the recycling industry”, Lina Goodman, CEO.